Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life

Title: Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life

Total Episodes: ?

Status: Currently Airing

Genres: romance

Description: Joon Hwi seems like a regular office worker. But the truth is, he’s actually an undercover boss who is first in line to succeed the chairman. With his stylish and dashing good looks, many women show their interest in him. However, as a man who doesn’t believe in marriage, he rejects them all. He is also a strict individualist who absolutely detests being on the giving or receiving end of loss. On the other hand, Cheong Ah is a bit pathetic, barely scraping by with part-time jobs while attempting to pass the civil service exams for the eighth year in a row. A real-life youthful romance begins when Cheong Ah, a girl who is loyal to a fault, meets Joon Hwi, a self-centered ‘man of the times’ who doesn’t believe in marriage.

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