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    What a Man Wants

    Movie: What a Man Wants / Wind Wind Wind Release Date: April 2018 Director: Lee Byeong-Hun Genres: comedy, drama Description: […]

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    Keys To The Heart

    Movie: Keys To The Heart / That’s Only My World Release Date: Jan. 2018 Director: Choi Sung-Hyun Genres: comedy, family, […]

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    The Star Next Door

    Movie: The Star Next Door Release Date: Sept 2017 Director: Kim Sung-Wook Genres: comedy, family Description: Hye-Mi (Han Chae-Young) is […]

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    Movie: Derailed Release Date: Oct 2016 Director: Lee Seong-Tae Genres: action Description: Jin-Il (Minho) and Ga-Young (Da-Eun) are teen runaways. […]

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    The Princess and The Matchmaker

    Movie: The Princess and The Matchmaker, Marital Harmony Release Date: Feb 2018 Director: Hong Chang-Pyo Genres: romance, comedy, period Description: […]

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    Cheese in the Trap (Movie)

    Movie: Cheese in the Trap Release Date: March 2018 Director: Kim Je-Young Genres: romance Description: Hong Seol (Oh Yeon-Seo) is […]

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    Two Lights Relumino

    Movie: Two Lights Relumino Release Date: Dec 2017 Director: Heo Jin Ho Genres: romance, short movie Description: A sweet, mellow […]

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    The Tooth and the Nail

    Movie: The Tooth and the Nail, Stone Mansion Murder Case Release Date: March 2017 Director: Jung Sik, Kim Whee Genres: […]

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    Be With You

    Movie: Be With You , Now I Am Coming to See You, Now I Will Meet You Release Date: March […]

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    My Last Love

    Movie: My Last Love Release Date: November 2017 Director: Jing Kwang-Kyo Genres: family, drama Description: Kim Bong-Yong (Sung Ji-Ru) is […]

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    RV: Resurrected Victims

    Movie: RV: Resurrected Victims Release Date: October 2017 Director: Kwak Kyung-Taek Genres: crime, thriller, supernatural Description: Jin Hong is a […]

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    Movie: Real Release Date: June 2017 Director: Lee Sa-Rang Genres: action, crime, thriller Description: Conspiracy and war which revolves around […]

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    The Outlaws

    Movie: The Outlaws / Criminal City Release Date: October 2017 Director: Kang Yoon-Sung Genres: action, period Description: A brutal turf […]

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    The Battleship Island

    Movie: The Battleship Island Release Date: July 2017 Director: Kim Jee-Woon Genres: action, period Description: During the Japanese colonial era, […]

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    The Age of Shadows

    Movie: The Age of Shadows / Secret Agent Release Date: September 2016 Director: Kim Jee-Woon Genres: action, period, spy Description: […]

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    Movie: Run-Off Release Date: August 2016 Director: Kim Jong-Hyeon Genres: women, hockey, sports Description: Various women, including a North Korean […]

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    A Violent Prosecutor

    Movie: A Violent Prosecutor Release Date: February 2016 Director: Lee Il-Hyeong Genres: crime, comedy Description: Byun Jae-Wook (Hwang Jung-Min) is […]

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    Fabricated City

    Movie: Fabricated City Release Date: February 2017 Director: Park Kwang-Hyun Genres: Description: In real life, Kwon Yoo (Ji Chang-Wook) is […]

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    Movie: Tunnel Release Date: August 2016 Director: Kim Sung-Hoon Genres: Description: Lee Jung-Soo drives home for his daughter’s birthday. While […]

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    Midnight Runners

    Movie: Midnight Runners Release Date: August 2017 Director: Kim Joo-Hwan Genres: action, crime, comedy Description: Ki-Joon (Park Seo-Joon) and Hee-Yeol […]

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    New Trial

    Movie: New Trial Release Date: February 2017 Director: Kim Joo-Hwan Genres: Description: Hyun-Woo (Kang Ha-Neul) is the only witness to […]

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    The Advocate

    Movie: The Advocate: A Missing Body / Angry Lawyer Release Date: Oct 2015 Director: Huh Jung-Ho Genres: action, crime, comedy […]

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    Over My Dead Body

    Movie: Over My Dead Body / Return of the Corpse Release Date: March 2012 Director: Woo Sun-Ho Genres: comedy, crime […]

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    The Accidental Detective

    Movie: The Accidental Detective/Private Investigator: The Beginning Release Date: Sept. 2015 Director: Kim Jung-Hoon Genres: comedy, crime Description: A crime […]

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    Sound of a Flower

    Movie: Sound of a Flower Release Date: Nov. 2015 Director: Lee Jong-Pil Genres: music, melodrama, romance Description: She wanted to […]

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    Kim Seondal

    Movie: Kim Seondal/Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River Release Date: July 2016 Director: Park Dae-Min Genres: comedy, historical Description: […]

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    Remember You

    Movie: Remember You/Don’t Forget Me Release Date: January 2016 Director: Lee Yoon-Jung Genres: romance, melodrama Description: Seok-Won (Jung Woo-Sung) lost […]

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    A Wonderful Moment

    Movie: A Wonderful Moment Release Date: January 2013 Director: Kim Sung-Hoon Genres: drama, musical Description: Musical director Yoo Il-Han (Kim […]

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    The Con Artists

    Title: The Con Artists (The Technicians) Release Date: December 2014 Director: Kim Hong-Sun Genres: action, thriller, crime Description: Ji Hyuk […]

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    Castaway on the Moon

    Title: Castaway on the Moon Release Date: May 2009 Director: Lee Hae-Jun Genres: romance, comedy Description: Kim Seung-Keun (Jung Jae-Young) […]