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    Salut d’Amour

    Title: Salut d’Amour Release Date: April 2015 Director: Kang Je-Gyu Genres: romance, comedy, family Description: A stubborn and ill-tempered old […]

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    The Suspect

    Title: The Suspect Release Date: December 2013 Director: Won Shin-Yeon Genres: action, thriller, crime Description: When a North Korean spy […]

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    Time Renegades

    Movie: Time Renegades Release Date: April 2016 Director: Kwak Jae-Young Genres: suspence, thriller, fantasy Description: 1983: Ji-Hwan (Cho Jung-Seok) is […]

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    Like For Likes

    Movie: Like for Likes/Please Like Me Release Date: Feb 2016 Director: Park Hyun-Jin Genres: romance, comedy Description: In a digital […]

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    The Man From Nowhere

    Title: The Man From Nowhere Release Date: August 2010 Director: Lee Jeong-Beom Genres: action, thriller, melodrama Description: Cha Tae Shik […]

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    Life Risking Romance

    Title: Life Risking Romance Release Date: December 2016 Director: Song Min-Gyu Genres: romance, comedy Description: Je-In (Ha Ji-Won) is a […]

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    Because I Love You

    Title: Because I Love You Release Date: January 2017 Director: Ju Ji-Hong Genres: romance, comedy Description: Jin Lee-Hyung (Cha Tae-Hyun) […]

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    Phantom Detective

    Title: Phantom Detective/ Detective Hong Gil-Dong: Disappeared Village Release Date: May 2016 Director: Jo Sung-Hee Genres: action Description: Hong Gil-Dong […]

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    Title: Hindsight Release Date: August 2011 Director: Lee Hyun Seung Genres: action, thriller, romance Description: A newly retired Doo Hun […]

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    Title: Assassination: Release Date: July 2015 Director: Choi Dong Hoon Genres: action, period Description: Set in the 1930’s, an assassination […]

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    Tough As Iron

    Title: Tough As Iron Release Date: October 2013 Director: Ahn Kwon Tae Genres: drama, action Description: A young man named […]

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    My Annoying Brother

    Title: My Annoying Brother Release Date: December 2016 Director: Kwon Soo Kyung Genres: drama, comedy Description: Doo-Sik (Cho Jung-Seok) is […]

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    My New Sassy Girl

    Title: My New Sassy Girl/My Sassy Girl 2 Release Date: May 2016 Director: Jo Geun Sik Genres: romance, comedy Description: […]

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    Wonderful Nightmare

    Title: Wonderful Nightmare Release Date: August 2015 Director: Kang Hyo Jin Genres: comedy, fantasy Description: Due to a mistake in […]

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    A Better Tomorrow

    Movie: A Better Tomorrow Release Date: September 2010 Director: Song Hae Sung Genres: action, thriller, crime Description: Kim Hyuk (Joo […]

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    War of the Arrows

    Movie: War of the Arrows Release Date: August 2011 Director: Kim Han Min Genres: action, thriller Description: Set during the […]

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    Little Black Dress

    Alternative Title: My Black Mini Dress Release Date: March 2011 Director: Hoe In Moo Genres: comedy, coming of age Description: […]

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    Over the Border

    Title: Over the Border Release Date: May 2006 Director: An Pan Seok Genres: melodrama, romance Description: As a successful orchestral […]

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    The Berlin File

    Movie: The Berlin File Release Date: January 2013 Director: Ryoo Seung Wan Genres: action, thriller, crime Description: After a botched […]

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    Lump of Sugar

    Movie: Lump of Sugar Release Date: August 2006 Director: Lee Hwan Kyung Genres: melodrama, tearjerker Description: Si Eun (Lim Soo […]

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    Very Ordinary Couple

    Movie: Very Ordinary Couple Release Date: March 2013 Director: Roh Deok Genres: romance, comedy Description: Young (Kim Min-Hee) and Dong-Hee […]

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    Architecture 101

    Movie: Architecture 101 Releases Date: March 2012 Director: Lee Yong Joo Genres: romance Description: 35-year-old architect Seung-Min (Uhm Tae-Woong) receives […]

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    Tazza 2

    Movie: Tazza: The Hidden Card Release Date: Sept 2014 Director: Kang Hyung Chul Genres: action, thriller Description: A poker prodigy […]

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    Friend 2

    Movie: Friend: The Great Legacy Release Date: November 2014 Director: Kwak Kyung Taek Genres: action, thriller, crime Description: Raised in […]

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    Steal My Heart

    Movie: Steal My Heart/Catch Me Release Date: December 2013 Director: Lee Hyun Jong Genres: romance, comedy, crime Description: Ho-Tae (Joo […]

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    The Huntresses

    Title: The Huntresses Release Date: January 2014 Director: Park Je-Hyun Genres: action, adventure, comedy Description: Jin-Ok (Ha Ji-Won), Hong-Dan (Gang […]

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    The Art of Seduction

    Title: The Art of Seduction Release Date: December 2005 Director: Oh Ki-Hwan Genres: romance,comedy Description: Han Ji-Wan (Son Ye-Jin) is […]

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    The Thieves

    Movie: The Thieves Release Date: July 2012 Director: Choi Dong Hoon Genres: action, crime Description: Fresh from a successful heist, […]

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    Mood of the Day

    Movie: Mood of the Day/Mood of that Day Release Date: January 2016 Director: Jo Kyu-Jang Genres: romance, comedy Description: Soo-jung […]

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    Bounty Hunters

    Movie: Bounty Hunters Release Date: 2016 Director: Shin Tae-Ra Genres: action, comedy Description: It all start with Martial arts expert […]