My Last Love

Movie: My Last Love

Release Date: November 2017

Director: Jing Kwang-Kyo

Genres: family, drama

Description: Kim Bong-Yong (Sung Ji-Ru) is always busy with work at the company that employs him. Due to his boss, he drinks every day after work and takes his drunk boss home. Kim Bong-Yong’s wife Hwa-Yeon (Jeon Mi-Sun) complains that he does not spend enough time with his family. His twin children Woo-Joo (Hongseok) and Dal-Nim (Kwon So-Hyun) do not like him. His sole pleasure in his life is youngest daughter Byeol-Nim (Lee Ye-Won). Kim Bong-Yong’s life changes after he receives a diagnosis from the hospital.

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