Oh My Geum Bi

Total Episodes: 16

Status: Completed

Genres: melodrama, family, romance

Description: Mo Geum Bi (Heo Jung Eun) is eight years old. She is sweet, lovable and strong-headed. Unfortunately at an extremely young age, Geum Bi is diagnosed with Niemann-Pick disease. A genetic disorder, the disease is referred to as “Alzheimer’s in children” due to the accompanying mental and physical deterioration it causes. One day, Geum Bi shows up at the doorstep of Mo Hwi Chul (Oh Ji Ho), her estranged father, who her mother (Oh Yoon Ah) has already separated from and considers to be the lowest of the low. Initially, Hwi Chul is annoyed by her appearance and tries to push her away, but Geum Bi is too strong to let him bully her. However, slowly losing her health and memory, Geum Bi needs someone to take care of her — someone better than Hwi Chul, a swindler and loser in life who has no real purpose. Once he begins to actually value his daughter, Mo Hwi Chul finally starts to learn about life. He learns about the beauty around him, about the value of time, and about the preciousness of every breath from someone who doesn’t give up and who doesn’t let her disease taint her view of the world. Together, they laugh, love, and live, showing Niemann-Pick who is boss. Concurrently, as if their humanity was destined to bring someone else towards life as well, they come across Go Gang Hee (Park Jin Hee), a pessimistic arborist who spends her time either alone or looking for stolen cultural artifacts, and who becomes involved in the duo’s life. Can the three souls, each with their own problems and joys, find a reason to once again open their hearts, or is happiness ultimately not possible when life doesn’t even give us the time to enjoy it?

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