Penny Pinchers

Title: Penny Pinchers

Type: Movie

Genres: romance, comedy

Release Date: Nov. 10, 2011

Description: Two people living next door to each other in a low-rent rooftop apartment couldn’t be more different from each other. Chun Ji Woong (Song Joong Ki) is a college graduate who is still unemployed. He keeps failing at job interviews and lives off of an allowance from his mother, who owns a small restaurant in the countryside. But Ji Woong is still several months behind on his rent because he’d rather use his money to try to woo women. His neighbor on the rooftop is Gu Hong Sil (Han Ye Seul), a young woman who lives extremely frugally. She collects and sells glass recyclables, goes through abandoned homes to find items to resell, takes extra sugar packets from coffee shops, and walks everywhere to save on bus fare. When Hong Sil finds out that Ji Woong is about to be evicted, she finds a way to profit from his misfortune. But when Ji Woong becomes homeless, Hong Sil feels a little guilty and also realizes that she can use him to reach her financial deposit goals at her bank. So she decides to include him in her next moneymaking scheme. Can Hong Sil teach the frivolous Ji Woong the art of penny pinching? “Penny Pinchers” is a 2011 South Korean film directed by Kim Jung Hwan.

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