The King 2Hearts

Total Episodes: 20

Status: Completed

Genres: romance, politics, comedy

Description: Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) is the crown prince of South Korea, and younger brother to the king, Lee Jae Kang (Lee Sung Min). He has no intentions of being a proper soldier, or of ever becoming king. However, that all changes when Jae Kang announces a joint participation in the World Officer Championship with North Korea. In an act of goodwill, he enlists Jae Ha to be part of the North-South Korean team. Jae Ha resists, but he then learns of Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won), the daughter of a North Korean general and the only girl on the team. He becomes more willing to participate, but little does he know, Hang Ah isn’t the easiest woman to get along with it. Things get worse when the two enter an arranged marriage of political reasons.

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