The Outlaws

Movie: The Outlaws / Criminal City

Release Date: October 2017

Director: Kang Yoon-Sung

Genres: action, period

Description: A brutal turf battle rages in the seedy Chinatown area of Seoul. Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok) is a fearless police officer in Seoul’s Crime Unit who is given 10 days to put an end to a Chinese-Korean gang war that erupts there. Jang Chen (Yoon Kye Sang) is from China and has set up his shady loan shark business in Seoul’s Chinatown neighborhood. With his violent henchmen, Wei Sung Rak (Jin Seon Kyu) and Yang Tae (Kim Sung Kyu), Jang Chen will use whatever brutal methods possible to collect the money that his owed to him. When he goes after a rival gang to take over the entire territory, a violent turf war erupts. Can Seok Do quash the violence and restore order before it’s too late?

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