The Universe’s Star

Alternative Title: Three Colors of Fantasies: The Universe’s Star

Total Episodes: 6

Status: Completed

Genres: romance

Description: Three Colors of Fantasies is an experimental, mini drama consisting of three series: “Star of the Universe”, “Vivid Romance”, and “Queen of the Ring”. “Star of the Universe” is about a young grim reaper who falls in love with a popular singer, Woo Joo. “Vivid Romance” is about a guy who has failed the civil service exam eight times. His girlfriend, who was once an aspiring, world-famous pianist, is hit with reality. Lastly, “Queen of the Ring” is about a young girl and a mysterious ring that has been passed down for generations. Whoever puts this ring on her finger will fall in love with her instantly.

Chief Kim
Saimdang, Light's Diary