Tomorrow With You

Total Episodes: 16

Status: Completed

Genres: romance, fantasy

Description: When a time-traveling CEO millionaire foresees a grim and unhappy future for himself, he marries an optimistic photographer to change his tomorrow for the better. Unfortunately, there is no love between them and the husband’s selfishness infuriates his once-hopeful wife. Song Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah from Oh My Venus) is a photographer. She was once a child star but is now struggling in both her personal and professional life. However, that hasn’t done anything to dent her optimism and overall cheeriness. She lives life without much fanfare or flash, which is the opposite of her husband. Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon from Signal) is the CEO of a real estate company worth 200 billion won. He thinks only of profit. Life is a balance sheet. Everything and everyone is just a loss or a gain. He has the special power to travel through time via subway. His time-traveling capabilities have played quite the part in the real estate mogul’s tremendous success. But his life takes a grim turn when Yoo So Joon sees his latest vision of the future, where he sees he is living miserably. In order to avoid this fate and change his destiny, the selfish millionaire marries Song Ma Rin. The issue is he genuinely does not love her. He thinks she is “a bit of an idiot” and only sees this union as another business decision. Song Ma Rin, however, actually wants love and his callousness both infuriates and depresses her. Can Yoo So Joon, for once, stop thinking about the money he will make in the future, and just think of tomorrow as a good day with his wife?

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