What a Man Wants

Movie: What a Man Wants / Wind Wind Wind

Release Date: April 2018

Director: Lee Byeong-Hun

Genres: comedy, drama

Description: A middle-aged man is preoccupied with women. Seok Geun (Lee Sung Min) works as a taxi driver on Jeju Island. He is crazy about women and had a hard time staying faithful to his wife, Dam Deok (Jang Young Nam), when she was alive. After her death, Seok Geun still chases after women and is a bad influence on his brother-in-law, Bong Soo (Shin Ha Kyun), who is married to his younger sister, Mi Young (Song Ji Hyo). They also live next-door to him. Bong Soo once aspired to become a top chef and now runs an Italian restaurant with Mi Young that is not doing well. Bong Soo wants to change the restaurant concept to Chinese instead, but he doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to the strong-willed Mi Young. When a hot young woman named Jenny (Lee El) comes to town, Seok Geun and Bong Soo both become infatuated with her. Are the two men looking for trouble?

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